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It's National Small Business Week & we all know you end up learning way more about each other in a small business. Mainly though, I'm posting this because my brain feels like mush & I want all of you to know that I may be hard to reach over the next few days. Yesterday morning, our two huskies were running laps in our backyard at full tilt & accidentally collided head on. Azura shook it off & Kaiser was dazed for a moment but seemed like all was fine. He acted normal until about 6pm when he started panting nonstop. Because he's a husky & a tad dramatic, we turned the air down & waited for him to cool off. He didn't want his dinner but ate it anyway & immediately tried to throw it up, only producing bile. He continued to have labored breathing, using his whole body & flaring his nostrils widely. You can see this in the video. He was also drooling a lot, whimpering occasionally, & wanted to be right next to me (he's usually pretty independent.) Like any freaked out dog parents, we took him straight to CVRC where they diagnosed him with pneumothorax, which meant he had air in his chest cavity preventing his lungs from inflating. The blunt force from running into Azura likely caused a tear in his lung. They performed a thoracocentesis & pulled 4 liters of air out of his chest with a needle. We got to say goodnight to him before we left & he was already breathing much better. Kaiser was stable throughout the night & his x-rays this morning showed improvement but shortly after, he started having trouble breathing again & a second thoracocentesis yielded 2 more liters of air. He had chest tubes placed on each side this afternoon to keep pulling air from his chest cavity & will remain hospitalized with the hope that it is simply a small tear & his lung will heal itself. If it doesn't, he'll need surgery & longer hospitalization. We're trying to visit with him as much as we can & I've been doing my best to stay on top of answering texts & emails today but I'm a mess so I have also been intermittently sniveling onto your babies' heads as well. Please forgive me for any delays throughout the weekend! I appreciate your patience so so much.

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