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Growing up, I was the animal whisperer of the family with a love of all, whether furry, scaly, or feathered. By the time I finished school at UNC-Chapel Hill, I knew I would be happiest working with them, so after moving to Charleston, I started working with a local animal hospital. I eventually left to open Wag N Walk and from there, Paws in the Air was born.

As a member of Pet Sitters International, Paws in the Air adheres to PSI’s code of conduct and ethics, promising to only care for pets in the most responsible ways. Our PSI profile is  here  if you’d like to see it or leave a review. We’re also insured and bonded through Business Insurers of the Carolinas and submit to a yearly background check, as well as trained in Pet First Aid & CPR through Trident Technical College.

Paws in the Air aims to provide the best pet care possible and in order to uphold this standard, I have completed my Certificate in Professional Pet Sitting (CPPS). It is the most comprehensive educational course available in the pet sitting industry and currently, I’m the only sitter in Charleston with the certificate.

I often tell new clients “expect to be spoiled” and I mean it. We treat you and your pets like family and would be thrilled to have you join ours. Please read below to learn more about us and check out our Services and Testimonials. We hope to hear from you soon!

 Woofs & Wags,  



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Quality Control Team

Trent | Morale / Not-So-Silent Partner



Not only my business partner but also my husband, Trent keeps me sane and motivated. After spending a few years post-college in Chapel Hill, we moved to Charleston in 2013 and have never looked back. 

I’ve been pet sitting professionally since 2014 and we opened Paws in the Air together in June of 2016. Trent works Graft Wine Shop and is my back up if anything were to happen to me. He often accompanies me on visits and when we’re busy, he pitches in with walks so we can make sure everyone is taken care of. 

We love it here in Charleston – the food, the animals, and perhaps most of all, the beaches. When we’re not working, you’ll likely find us in the sand, playing with our dogs, or eating good food. We love to cook and our pups always think it’s for them.


Kaiser | Attitude Administrator

Bailey | Comfort Connoisseur



The titles of “Sass King” and “First Born” belong to Kaiser. He always has something to tell us (usually how we’re doing everything wrong) or likes to sing us the songs of his people. He doesn’t put up with any monkey business so he keeps us in check and makes sure Paws in the Air runs smoothly.

Bailey is our leading expert on naps and all things comfort. She understands the finer points of soft blankets and has perfected the art of hiding her eyes from light to ensure better “nappage.” With her knowledge, we make sure all pets we take care of are pampered.


Azura | Mischief Manager

Ralph | Cuddle Coordinator



Azura is our wild child. She constantly keeps us on our toes and has helped us learn to expect the unexpected. If you think a dog can’t do it, she’ll prove they can, all with a mischievous grin on her face and apologetic kisses after the fact. 

Ralph is the sweetest little basket-case you’ll ever meet. The epitome of a “Velcro Dog,” he wants to be by our sides at all time. The separation anxiety is real but it makes for excellent cuddles even though it calls for a lot of patience on our part.